Virtual Legal and/or Litigation Assistants are independent contractors who (work remotely to) support attorneys by providing specialized legal, administrative, creative, and technical services.  She will prepare, edit, file or e-file, and serve your legal documents.  Since she works as an independent contractor, her clients do not pay employee-related costs such as taxes, insurance, and benefits.  She provides her own equipment and software.  The client spends no additional money on office space, computers or other office equipment. There is no repair, maintenance, insurance or property tax costs for those items either.  The client pays only for the actual service rendered, and utilizes the Virtual Legal Assistant only as needed.  For the larger firms, Virtual Legal Assistants can provide additional support at peak times without the need to pay for temp services, and can avoid the time and cost to orient personnel to the firm layout, equipment, systems and procedures.  Think of us as the virtual litigation secretary outside your office and the support she provides.  We do the same tasks (pleadings, correspondence, calendaring, travel etc.), but we work remotely, without restrictions on hours or location.  This can save you thousands while providing unparalleled flexibility.

Virtual Legal Assistants bring their own experience and expertise, so tend to be more efficient in completing specific tasks.  She knows citation style and format.  She understands formatting and how the courts operate.  Work can be turned around overnight, or on weekends if necessary, so there is no down-time for the client.

A Virtual Legal Assistant is also a business owner.  She is focused on producing quality work and conducting herself with integrity.  Her services are as vital and as integral to her own business as they are to her clients’.  Without the need for a brick-and-mortar space, the costs of training staff and purchasing equipment you save money.  It’s a win-win for both of us.  By providing actionable steps, you can enjoy doing what you love, work less and spend more time on the things that matter to you most.


Automatic weekly system backups ensure that your data is safe.


Your sensitive information is stored & secured with local encryption for extra protection.


Your personal information & business details will never be shared with others. Non-disclosure agreements & Creative protection agreements are signed before work begins so that you’ll know your ideas are safe.