A: Virtual Legal Assistants are independent contractors who (work remotely to) support attorneys by providing specialized legal, administrative, creative, and technical services.   Since she works as an independent contractor, her clients do not pay employee-related costs such as taxes, insurance, and benefits.  She provides her own equipment and software.  The client spends no additional money on office space, computers or other office equipment. There is no repair, maintenance, insurance or property tax costs for those items either.  The client pays only for the actual service rendered, and utilizes the Virtual Legal Assistant only as needed.  For the larger firms, Virtual Legal Assistants can provide additional support at peak times without need to pay for temp services, and can avoid the time and cost to orient personnel to the firm layout, equipment, systems and procedures.

We are litigation specialists.  Those who work with legal professionals daily know the cost and types of services available.  Those “beat the clock” deadlines can put you at your wit’s end. Its imperative that you have an organized and efficient professional support system in place. We ARE that support system.  We are in the business of providing solutions to your problems.  We are not in the business of selling hours.  Packages are based on practice area and type of tasks performed.  The old law firm model “swallowed” the cost of legal assistants as an expense.  The new model has law firms recouping those costs at approximately $200 per hour.  Seeing the value of this work, and making the investment in your firm, is one of the best things you can do for your business.  Let us help you reap the rewards of giving your clients the excellence they deserve.

Virtual Legal Assistants bring their own experience and expertise, so tend to be more efficient in completing specific tasks.  She knows citation style and format.  She understands formatting and how the courts operate.  Work can be turned around overnight, or on weekends if necessary, so there is no down-time for the client.  She can work with your associates to perfect and temper legal language, and do so in a cost and time efficient way.

A Virtual Legal Assistant is also a business owner.  She is focused on producing quality work and conducting herself with integrity.  Her services are as vital and as integral to her own business as they are to her clients’.  She “partners” with her attorney clients, to conduct services that will ensure a smooth, steady transition into the next phase of that company’s growth.

A good Virtual Legal Assistant can save solo and small firms anywhere from $60,000 upward per year.  The overhead cost of a Virtual Legal Assistant is based on use, and that means overhead that more closely follows the billable work product.  Look at it this way:

  • How much do you charge per hour?
  • How many likely billable hours are you losing by working on administrative tasks?
  • How much would it cost to have a VA do the tasks you currently have to?
  • What is the difference between your potential earnings and the costs of a VA?


  • Client intake and onboarding. Email or call prospective and current clients to set up appointments, and gather basic facts regarding client needs and scope of work.
  • Format / Edit / E-File Legal Documents; Create pleading shells.
  • Coordinate court reporters/videographers, deposition and/or trial space; process servers, investigators, forensic experts and expert witnesses.
  • File or e-file pleadings with Court.  Arrange service of legal documents.
  • Create shells for licensing agreements, patent applications, workers’ compensation/EAMS documents, non-compete, employment and executive compensation agreements.
  • Create Table of Contents and Authorities.
  • Client Correspondence / Transcription;
  • Calendar Management. Set appointments with clients and manage your schedule.
  • Schedule Hearings / Conferences / JAMS;
  • Enter your Time Records.
  • Billing:  Invoice clients.  Pay your bills.  Keep track of your accounts payable and receivables.  Renew bar association dues.
  • All aspects of travel arrangements, including seminar registration etc.
  • Dictate, write or scan notes or deposition outlines to be typed up and saved to client files.
  • Go In-House To Organize Your Office And Set Up Your Filing Systems;
  • Set Up Office-In-A-Box To Take With You When You Travel.
  • Project Management. Work one-on-one with your in-house staff to prioritize, manage, and complete projects.
  • Proof read documents before they go out.
  • Purchase Office Supplies: Set up online accounts on your behalf with your suppliers.  Send you a list of office supplies you use on a regular basis.  You check off what is needed.  She orders and has delivered to you.

If you are a solo or small business, I encourage you to work with a Virtual Legal Assistant.  Lawyers who learn to harness the power of Legal Virtual Assistants will become exponentially more efficient.

Q: Is your information safe?

A: Yes.

  • We use encryption software to protect your data and privacy;
  • We backup our system weekly to protect your files; and
  • We use Confidentiality Agreements to protect your ideas and work product.

 Q: Is it affordable?

A: Yes.  ASAP Legal Services saves you valuable time and offers affordable packages.  You are only charged for the time we actually work on your project.

Q: How does it work?

A: Book your 30 minute free get acquainted telephone call.

  • We will discuss your needs and establish your objectives.  We will then provide a clear-cut idea of how we will work together to accomplish those objectives;
  • We will answer your questions regarding the services we offer and how the process is handled; We will not ask you to complete complex questionnaires (as we believe all of the information can be acquired in the telephone call).  The time spent gathering information should not take more than 10-15 minutes;
  • All requests for expedited projects must be made prior to the beginning of the project;
  • Sit back and relax.  We will take care of all your requests.

Hear From One of Our Clients

Q: What were you looking for when you interviewed assistants for this position?

A: Someone with strong litigation knowledge and proven skills.

Q: What were the obstacles you faced previously, and how did hiring Rosanna help overcome those obstacles?

A:  Understanding the difference between “legal secretary” and “litigation secretary” is what made all the difference.  She didn’t have to be told what to do and how to do it.

Q: Did you feel comfortable that Rosanna was knowledgeable about the court system and the complexities of how to file/efile legal documents?

A: Absolutely, time after time she proved she knew her job inside and out.

Q: Did you feel confident in Rosanna’s ability to be discreet and keep confidential information secure?

A: No question.  I have absolute confidence in Rosanna’s discretion.

Q: Were you confident in Rosanna’s interactions with your clients, family and friends?

A: Yes.  Rosanna helped me on both the business and personal level and used good judgment every time.

Q: Would you recommend Rosanna’s work to others?

A: Without question.  Rosanna is an excellent and knowledgeable litigation assistant.

Q: Did Rosanna communicate well regarding status of projects, feedback, ask the right questions?

A: Yes.  She clearly had worked on many high-level projects in the past, and knew without doubt, the steps needed to be taken.

Q: Were you confident in leaving a project with Rosanna to complete with little supervision?

A: Rosanna was able to work with very little oversight.  I have every confidence in her skills.

Q: What did you enjoy most about working with Rosanna?

A: We were able to work hard and still enjoy a good and easy working relationship.

Q: What did you enjoy least?

A: When she said she was leaving me to work for herself.

Q: Would you like to add anything?

A: Rosanna was a great asset to my practice.  I would recommend her work to anyone.

– R.D. Kennedy