WE ARE LITIGATION SPECIALISTS.  Those who work with legal professionals daily know the cost and types of services available.  Those “beat the clock” deadlines can put you at your wit’s end. Its imperative that you have an organized and efficient professional support system in place. We ARE that support system.  We are in the business of providing solutions to your problems.  We are not in the business of selling hours.  Packages are based on practice area and type of tasks performed.  The old law firm model “swallowed” the cost of legal assistants as an expense.  The new model has law firms recouping those costs at approximately $200 per hour.  Seeing the value of this work, and making the investment in your firm, is one of the best things you can do for your business.  Let us help you reap the rewards of giving your clients the excellence they deserve.

    • Retainer Rate Package 
        • For the client who has ongoing or regularly recurring needs.  This client is on a strict budget, needs scheduled hours, and to keep costs stable.
        • File or E-file Complaints, Motions, Briefs.  Prepare discovery and responsive shells.  Set up depositions, videographers etc.  Work with court reporters regarding transcripts, errata sheets and exhibits.
    • Counsel Rate Package 
        • Encompasses all the parts of the Retainer Rate Package with the addition of individual case calendars.  This can be customized to utilize filters which apply to your specific practice area.
  • Partner Level Package
      • For the client who needs a higher level of service and to delegate more work  as well as more complicated tasks.  This client files in venues outside the State, or internationally.  Dealing with the EU courts is something that requires extra time and effort, and a different level of experience.
    • Customized Rate Package. 
        • Perhaps you have a trial and need someone until trial is completed; or you need someone to come to your location to set up your filing system and organize your office.
        • Add-on a la carte services (personal calendars, travel arrangements, expense reports are a few examples).