What Our Clients Are Saying

Rosanna is professional, responsive and capable.  She understands our preferred way of working and adapts to accommodate our preferences.  She is a pleasure to work with and I hope to continue working with her for a long time.

– Youlanda Wayne

I cannot say enough good things about Rosanna.  She has been a tremendous resource for me.  Her knowledge, organization skills, and overall quality of work are excellent.

– Nicole Goodman

I have known Rosanna for many years now.  We worked together professionally for 4 years and she was my ‘go to’ person when I had questions.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and keeps up-to-date to ensure quality results.  I would have no hesitation asking for her assistance or guidance.  Aside from our professional relationship we have maintained our friendship since I left the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 15 years now and I trust her with my life – be it on paper or in person.

– Susan Meads-Leahy

Rosanna’s great communication skills and technical ability, as well as her knowledge of the court system, ensures when the product is sent to the court it is the best it can be. Rosanna is a real team player.  She manages the changing needs of our team and stays on top of everything.

– Ann Heimberger

Rosanna has very good knowledge and skills.  She is professional, personable and very pleasant to work with.  She maintains a calm and professional demeanor through stressful and hectic situations.  She is a huge asset to our firm.

– Frank Christie

We had a tough few months and Rosanna worked under some very difficult circumstances.  We moved offices, went to trial in another State and she set up our trial space, helped make sure everything went smoothly and still delivered an excellent work product.  She has a knowledge of the courts that allows us to focus on writing and not worrying about processes.  Most recently we had a series of appellate briefs which required filing at three-week intervals.  Rosanna kept on top of everything and got our filings completed without issue.  E-filing with San Francisco courts has been extremely challenging this past year and without her help we would never have made our deadlines.  She put in extra hours and navigated some intense situations with ease.

– Thomas Clark

She has saved my life so many times by dealing with endless and impossible deadlines.  I would trust her with any task.  Rosanna has the background and knowledge to handle everything we have thrown at her.

– Colleen O’Neill

Rosanna has really good litigation skills.  She has an excellent work ethic and can prioritize jobs in a way that makes it seems very easy to get things done.  Her communication skills are excellent and she has even prepared documents while we have been “thinking out loud” on the phone.

– Julie Goss

Rosanna is easy to work with.  Recently, when we had a trial, she dealt with the intense pretrial and trial workup with grace and her usual excellence.  The additional hours and juggling required showed that she is truly a team player.  She came to court every day and pitched in to cover everything from filing pleadings to making sure we ate lunch.  We had several 20 hour days, and it’s difficult to imagine how we could have gotten through the trial without Rosanna.

– Peter Clarke

Rosanna is able to successfully communicate with the attorneys and keep them apprised of work in progress and any possible problems that may arise during the course of the day.  She has been a key part of our group and keeps us on track.  We can depend on her to know the rules, produce an excellent product and generally remain calm and competent event when the situation gets really stressful.

– Jerilyn Pendleton

Work is consistently beyond expectations.  Rosanna is communicative, shows great initiative and is very responsible.  She has been a great help to me.  Her high level of knowledge, particularly court proceedings and case administration has been invaluable.  Her ability to deal with problems professionally is outstanding.  She is highly skilled and a pleasure to work with.

– Larry Stern

Rosanna’s client service has been noted to be excellent.  She is pleasant and professional to everyone she interacts with.  Rosanna’s job knowledge is exemplary.  She understands assignments without the need for attorneys to font-load instructions and explain every possible contingency.  This allows for the attorneys to work with her in a very efficient manner.  Although Rosanna is relatively new to working with us, she has shown herself to be a huge asset to our firm.

– Katie Nolan, Marc Peters

We have a conference call once a week where we talk about upcoming deadlines, work needs and case calendars.  We are very happy to have Rosanna as part of our group.  She is professionals, courteous and hardworking.  She maintains her sense of professionalism no matter how demanding the task.

– Robert Hoffman

Rosanna helped me in securing a court hearing for a temporary restraining order in a very innovative and productive way to get what we needed.  She is proactive and can work independently.  She knows where to go to find additional information when necessary.  Rosanna is a very strong team player.  She is open to suggestions and its clear she wants us to succeed.  She has handled an often heavy assignment in a very professional and cooperative way.

– Sylvia Cassidy

Our attorneys have come to rely on her behind-the-scenes performing tasks that seemed impossible to complete.  She has taken on some very challenging jobs and provided an excellent work product.  She has quickly become a critical part of our litigation team.  She has a thorough knowledge of the court systems and processes.  I would highly recommend Rosanna to anyone who would be lucky enough to work with her.

– M.L. Donovan

Rosanna has a great deal of experience, and a wealth of job knowledge.  She is extremely efficient, and very organized.  She absolutely stays on top of a busy workload.  She has good judgment and understands the priority of work.  Very even keeled and proactive.  Can effectively juggle multiple projects when necessary.  Rosanna is the consummate professional and providing excellent client service is very important to her.  I have found her to be really responsive and receptive to the ideas of other secretaries in my group who work with her.  She has a good relationship with the secretaries in the employment group and they seamlessly get the work done and filed on time.